SAAO Still Points


A Still Point is a creative expression of the osteopathic student experience. These expressions can range from essay, video and photography to poetry and beyond. Quality submissions may be published on the SAAO section of the AAO website and on social media to allow students to get a glimpse of the talents of others in the osteopathic family.

Below are the guidelines for submission. Any questions or concerns may be emailed to the SAAO secretary-treasurer at [email protected].

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  1. Submissions must be sent to the SAAO secretary-treasurer by the last day of every month between September and February.
    1. Submissions must be sent to the SAAO EC secretary-treasurer by the last day of every month. The submission period will close on the last day of February for VIP points to be considered for Convocation in March. The submission period restarts the first day of March, with VIP points considered for the following Convocation. Each chapter may submit one Still Point per month. 
    2. 5 VIP points will be awarded for each monthly submission. However, quality submissions that are chosen for publication will be awarded 20 additional VIP points.
    3. Crosswords, word searches or similar submissions will be awarded 0 (zero) VIP points.
    4. Examples of submissions may include articles, photography, videos, poems or other original content.
    5. The submission must include: 
      1. Author’s name as they would like it to appear 
      2. Position in the SAAO and school affiliation 
      3. Title for submission 
      4. Short description about submission (up to 200 words). 
  2. All questions about submission format should be emailed to the SAAO secretary-treasurer.

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