September 2022 Still Point

Submitted by: MSUCOM

Author: Izabela Birsanescu

Title: "Letting Go"

Performance art: aerial yoga

This picture showcases a balance point in the execution of a specific aerial yoga pose. To be achieved, the mind must permit the body to slowly relax during one of its most intense stances. Medical school has also taught me this important lesson. During your most critical moments, you must slow down to take a break or your body will slow down and take it for you. The juggling act that is medical school relies first most on balance. Caring for our mental and physical selves is easy to preach, hard to practice, and a critical lesson for us and our patients. The osteopathic tenets highlight the teaching of the person as a unit of mind, body, and spirit. Tend to these and the person is able to heal, maintain, and regulate. Rather than burning the candle at both ends, seeking balance has allowed me to be refreshed and better prepared for the everyday demands of medical school.