Indianapolis, IN—On March 26, Richard G. Schuster, DO of Indianapolis, Indiana, was installed as the president of the American Academy of Osteopathy (AAO) during the AAO 2022 annual Convocation in Orlando, Florida. Before becoming president, Dr. Schuster served for two years as the president-elect of the AAO, the nation’s largest medical society devoted to fostering neuromusculoskeletal medicine and osteopathic manipulative medicine (NMM/OMM).

Richard G. Schuster, DO, is in solo private practice in Indianapolis, practicing direct primary care and osteopathic manual medicine.

He graduated from the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1994 after completing an undergraduate fellowship in osteopathic principles and practice. He completed a family medicine residency at the Firelands Regional Medical Center in Sandusky, Ohio, and a postdoctoral fellowship in sports medicine at Toledo Hospital in Ohio.

The chair of the AAO’s 2015 Convocation, Dr. Schuster is a member of the AAO’s Board of Trustees, AAO executive committee, Board of Governors, and a consultant for the AAO’s education committee of which he used to be the vice chair. of the AAO’s Education Committee.

Dr. Schuster’s academic interests include musculoskeletal medicine, biomechanics and functional anatomy, with an emphasis on how the body transmits and organizes information to coordinate movement.

In the presidential address after his induction, Dr. Schuster stated his vision for the AAO during his presidency:

“In order that we grow as an Academy, we must continue to advocate for, teach, and research osteopathic manipulation and philosophy. We must welcome those who wish to join us, wish to learn from us, as we learn from them. We do not represent the sum total of what it means to be osteopathic, nor do our schools. There is more depth within our profession than we realize. Let us all come together to build a future medicine, a distinctly osteopathic medicine” (emphasis in original).

For more information on Dr. Rennie and his role in the AAO, contact Sherri L. Quarles, Executive Director at the American Academy of Osteopathy at (317) 879-1881, ext. 214, or at [email protected].

The United States currently has more than 120,000 osteopathic physicians. Also known as DOs, osteopathic physicians are fully licensed physicians, as are MDs. The profession has grown 63% in the past decade and nearly 300% over the past three decades. Osteopathic physicians prescribe medicine and practice in all specialties, including osteopathic manipulative medicine, family medicine, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology, and surgery. They are trained to consider the health of the whole person and to use their hands to help diagnose and treat patients.

The mission of the American Academy of Osteopathy is to teach, promote, and research the science, art and philosophy of osteopathic medicine, emphasizing the integration of osteopathic principles and practice in patient care. Founded in 1937, the Academy is a specialty college of the American Osteopathic Association.


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